Private Office / Studio Space

Looking for a new home for your hobby or your team? We've got options for you!

Each office, in our centrally heated and cooled building, includes utilities (water, electric and gas). Did we mention the windows? Because everyone has them here. Membership fees will be charged in addition to your rent, as cooperative space is accessible to all.

Looking for a place to house your team or share the studio? Membership benefits can be extended to include them too.

We can even bundle in equipment usage in our industrial sewing workroom. Produce your line here!

Suite 100    27 x 20 ft. $600 — currently rented

Suite 201    13.5x 10 ft.    $300 — currently rented

Suite 203    13.6 x 10 ft    $300 — currently rented

Suite 204    27 x 10.5 ft    $500 — currently rented

Suite 205    16 x 12.7 and 10 x 8.8    $550 — currently rented

Suite 206    13.10 x 6.7    $300 — currently rented

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