Nothing beats the collective buzz of other motivated creatives in one big room. That’s what Studio Creative is all about. We foster a sense of community and collaboration so we can empower you to do what you do best — running a business, hustling as a freelancer, or tackling that big project. We have plenty of seats, tables and amenities to make you feel right at home.

With one flat rate you get a seat at our tables, in our sewing workroom or coworking space. Members get 24/7 access to the building.


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A membership has its benefits. 24/7 access and a reservable meeting room, all at an affordable price.

per/mo. recurring payment

Drop-in / Day Pass

Try us out for a day or as you need —you decide. No contract, all the amenities.

Workroom Equipment

Use what the pro's use! Industry grade mahines and more. Check out what our Workroom has to offer.


Hella Fast WiFi

Our WiFi supports 20+ people at a time — you're good to go. 

Kitchen Area

Everything you need for breakfast or lunch prep — a fridge, coffee machine, prep table, & dishwasher.

Laser Jet Printer

It's a simple CMYK printer, but it gets the job done. It scans things too 😀

4 Private Bathrooms

One of our bathrooms even has a shower, if you're into that.

Sometimes you need a break from your computer screen. We've got you covered. 

Natural Light

No one likes working in depressing flourescent lighting. We have lots of windows that bring the good vibes.

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