Nothing beats the collective buzz of other motivated creatives in one big room. That’s what Studio Creative is all about. We foster a sense of community and collaboration so we can empower you to do what you do best — running a business, hustling as a freelancer, or tackling that big project. We have plenty of seats, tables and amenities to make you feel right at home.

With one flat rate you get a seat at our tables, in our sewing workroom or coworking space. Members get 24/7 access to the building and training on studio equipment.


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A membership has its benefits. 24/7 access and a reservable meeting room, all at an affordable price.

per/mo. recurring payment

Drop-in / Day Pass

Try us out for a day or as you need —you decide. No contract, all the amenities.

Hella Fast WiFi

Our WiFi supports 20+ people at a time — you're good to go. 

Everything you need for breakfast or lunch prep — a fridge, coffee machine, prep table, & dishwasher.

Laser Jet Printer

It's a simple CMYK printer, but it gets the job done. It scans things too 😀

4 Private Bathrooms

One of our bathrooms even has a shower, if you're into that.

Sometimes you need a break from your computer screen. We've got you covered. 

No one likes working in depressing flourescent lighting. We have lots of windows that bring the good vibes.

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